Lich Studios Team

Who are we?

We are small team of friends from Slovakia, that share passion for old games, making their own - in the free time.


David Jankes

  • 3D artist
  • Working on art, models, animations and vfx

David has more than XX years of experience as 3D artist. He worked on games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Mafia 2, Silent Hill: Downpour and many others.


Martin Hrkut

  • Programmer
  • Working on code and game design

Martin codes for almost 20 years, starting as webdeveloper, switching to gamedev in recent years.


David Agahamyan

  • Concept artist
  • Working on concept art

Every team need some greenhorn, even the smallest one :) David is our young concept artist who helps us with art of units and buildings.


We also got support, great advices, and help from many other people which we are really thankfull for.